Visit Grampians National Park when You Visit Melbourne

If you want to see the flora and fauna of Australia up close, then you don’t want to miss a visit to Grampians National Park, which is close to the city of Melbourne. This type of excursion will leave you spellbound, as you can see the animals and plants indigenous to Australia whilst travelling on a tour through the astounding park.

A Little Bit of Park History

The park, which is known as Gariwerd by the local indigenous people, is a beautiful and natural area that is also the best site for Aboriginal rock art in the southeastern part of Australia. Mt. Duwil, or Mt. William, is the highest peak of the Grampians. Major Thomas Mitchell led a small team of explorers there in 1836.

Mitchell chose to name the area and mountains the Grampians in honour of a rugged area in his native homeland of Scotland. Afterwards, Europeans began to settle in the area after hearing favourable reports about the potential for grazing land.

After Mitchell’s exploration, the Grampians became a centre for mining, timber production and farming and also a source of water for the area’s farms. In 1872, the area was designated as a state forest, and it was given national park status in 1984.

A Place to Explore

The first explorers must have been amazed by the sights of the region, as the Grampians is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes. That is why a large number of Grampians National Park tours from Melbourne arrive daily at the park.

The region is known for its sheltered gullies and high plateaus, as well as its flat lands that adjoin the park. The dramatic landscape is further enhanced by rock formations, clear-running streams, cascades and lookouts that offer panoramic views of the surrounding wetlands, fern gullies and woodlands. Flowers in the spring display their vibrant colours as well.

The processes of nature have sculpted the land into craggy peaks, broad cliffs made of sandstone, and sweeping vistas and slopes. This kind of environmental and geographical drama has also inspired a number of artistic works. These works encompass paintings, poems, literature, film and photography. If you are lucky enough to take a tour, you will be amazed at the bushland where over 970 native plant species reside. These species represent approximately one-third of the entire Victorian flora. Plus, as noted, many of these plants are only found in Australia.

Some of the spring flowers in the park include lilies, parrot-peas and tryptamine. The area is home to around 80 orchid species. This kind of biodiversity is due, in large part, to the various rock and soil types in the national park. The variety of vegetation in the park provides food and shelter, as well, for as many as 230 species of birds. The shrubby woodland supports the nectar-feeding habits of birds, and the tall open woods are homes to species that live in area hollows, such as the Australian owl. You simply won’t find a similar place anywhere in the world.


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