Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Budget Car Rental

If one of the most important things to you when booking your rental car for your holiday is to get the best deal, you’ll want to check out budget car rentals. This way you can save money on travel, and have more to spend when you reach your destination.

But how do you make sure that you are getting the most out of your money? Here are some questions that you’ll need to ask yourself before making your booking:

What sort of car do you need?

The smallest car might not actually be the best choice for you. How many people will be travelling with you and how much luggage do you have? You need to make sure that it will all fit in.

How much do you want to spend on running costs?

It’s no good booking a cheap car, just to find out that it’s a gas guzzler. Find out the cost to run price before you make your final decision.

What extras do you need?

Do you need a child seat, or other amenities? Some deals might seem really cheap at first glance, but the extras might hike the price up, so it’s important to find out exactly what the rate includes.

And here are some tips, to help you get the most out of your budget rental car:

  • Book in advance to negotiate the best price – this will also ensure that there are plenty of car choices for you so you don’t end up disappointed.
  • Check for online discounts and deals – there are often vouchers and coupons in all areas, so keep your eyes out for them.
  • Get insurance to protect you for if things go wrong – choose from a cover that protects you from shock expenses while you are away.
  • Check The Condition of the Vehicle When Renting A Car to ensure that you don’t end up paying for damage that isn’t your fault. Look at the body work, the tyres, and report anything that you notice to make sure that the staff are aware of it before you drive the car away.
  • Check the fuel level before you leave – you’ll be expected to return the car with the same amount in. If you don’t do this, you might end up stung with a fuel charge later in the month. Take a photograph as evidence before you leave, so you can prove that this is what you have done.
  • Choose a reputable company – check for reviews from other customers to make sure that you’re picking a car rental place that will really look after you. If you end up paying a less than reputable company, you might end up spending more money in the long run, or even worse, end up with no car at all!

Renting a car doesn’t have to be a massive expense, as long as you shop smartly, so get online and do your research to find the best deal for you!

10 great reasons to visit Uganda

When it comes to booking a holiday, most people get drawn to popular destinations such as the US, Canada or Europe. Uganda probably does not appear on their list, but it should.

Image Credit

Visited by notable figures such as Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway and Katherine Hepburn, Uganda is waiting to be explored.

For those who know very little about the African region that travel experts such as Lonely Planet write about, here are 10 reasons why you should visit.

1. The gorillas

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, which can be booked through a specialist company such, is definitely a highlight of any trip.

2. Chimps

The largest population of chimps in the world resides in Kibale National Park.

3. Wildlife

It is sometimes easy to forget there are lots of other incredible wild animals to see in addition to the gorillas and chimps. Ranging from buffalo to elephants, these should not be missed.

4. Conservation

Protecting endangered creatures such as gorillas is vital. Gorilla permits are not cheap, but buying one will help to keep these marvellous primates alive.

5. National parks

With so many wonderful national parks on offer, such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, you will be spoilt for choice.

6. Water

The mighty Nile is just one of many Ugandan marvels. Lakes, waterfalls and the Nile itself are the source of much beautiful scenery.

7. Marvellous mountains

Uganda will always be known for its primate trails; however, a trek on the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains can be just as spellbinding.

8. Remote but safe

Finding a remote, unspoiled trail is becoming increasingly difficult in many parts of Africa; however, the bumpy, rough roads in Uganda are edgy and fun.

9. Green dream

When you think of Africa, you probably think of yellow and dust; however, you are in for a pleasant surprise in Uganda, where green leaves and luxurious rainforest await.

10. The people

The locals can help to make a trip enjoyable and you will be welcomed by friendly people with a warm, hospitable nature in Uganda.

As Winston Churchill said in 1908: “For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life – bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale, Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa.” What are you waiting for?

Florida Keys are relaxed, wonderfully cheesy

The best view of a relaxed cheesy convertible pleasure. So throw some shirts and pants in a bag, fill the gas tank, and plenty of time for snorkeling allow, in the footsteps of Hemingway walking and of course the key lime pie. Arrival in time for the perfect road trip now. The island through the Florida Keys has to do with the pit stops: especially for conch fritters, tarpon fishing and meetings constellations. This is what you should not miss.

Miami to Key West attractions, Visitors to this island paradise not feel they have to leave behind the world, unless they really want. There is plenty to see and live in Key West and because the island is small, nothing is very far from where you are. Located Overseas Highway Mile Marker 93.6 (Bayside) in Tavernier, Florida Keys Wild Bird Center is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured birds and return them to their natural habitat. Visitors can visit the patient on the promenade in the center and near waterways.

A kind of down-home to Sea World, the marine zoo offers daily services (such as dolphins, sea lions and parrots) and the opportunity to swim with dolphins, sea lions and stingrays. General admission covers the entertainment and a bottomless boat ride; Swimming with activities are extra than 4 hours snorkeling adventure tourism.

If you like diving – and for many people, Trolley Tours in Key West  snorkeling and diving the main attractions in Florida Keys are visiting – then you will love the History of Diving Museum. The exhibits include antiques and artifacts of the history of underwater exploration represents – including vintage diving helmets – a screen in the history of 200 years of diving and a special focus on South Florida treasure hunt underwater.

Of course there are beaches, most of them on the south side of the island. Smothers busy with volleyball and water concessions from the beach much quieter in Fort Zachary Taylor, must try. There are also several parks on the island and again is your choice depends on what you want to do. Park of the 19th century Fort Zachary Taylor Park and gardens of the towers of West Martello, playing fields and tennis courts at Bay view Park and everyone else in the historic center of the state, you are sure to find something to your chosen activity.

Key West has to show a long history and a number of museums for them. If you want to learn, a good starting point would be a row on one of the excursion trains or trucks; the driver histories with local color to tell you an idea of the places want to offer you go for more. Nonprofit Center offers dolphin encounters and courses in order to be a dolphin trainer or researcher. Interacting with a resident population of dolphins and California sea lions.

Visit Grampians National Park when You Visit Melbourne

If you want to see the flora and fauna of Australia up close, then you don’t want to miss a visit to Grampians National Park, which is close to the city of Melbourne. This type of excursion will leave you spellbound, as you can see the animals and plants indigenous to Australia whilst travelling on a tour through the astounding park.

A Little Bit of Park History

The park, which is known as Gariwerd by the local indigenous people, is a beautiful and natural area that is also the best site for Aboriginal rock art in the southeastern part of Australia. Mt. Duwil, or Mt. William, is the highest peak of the Grampians. Major Thomas Mitchell led a small team of explorers there in 1836.

Mitchell chose to name the area and mountains the Grampians in honour of a rugged area in his native homeland of Scotland. Afterwards, Europeans began to settle in the area after hearing favourable reports about the potential for grazing land.

After Mitchell’s exploration, the Grampians became a centre for mining, timber production and farming and also a source of water for the area’s farms. In 1872, the area was designated as a state forest, and it was given national park status in 1984.

A Place to Explore

The first explorers must have been amazed by the sights of the region, as the Grampians is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes. That is why a large number of Grampians National Park tours from Melbourne arrive daily at the park.

The region is known for its sheltered gullies and high plateaus, as well as its flat lands that adjoin the park. The dramatic landscape is further enhanced by rock formations, clear-running streams, cascades and lookouts that offer panoramic views of the surrounding wetlands, fern gullies and woodlands. Flowers in the spring display their vibrant colours as well.

The processes of nature have sculpted the land into craggy peaks, broad cliffs made of sandstone, and sweeping vistas and slopes. This kind of environmental and geographical drama has also inspired a number of artistic works. These works encompass paintings, poems, literature, film and photography. If you are lucky enough to take a tour, you will be amazed at the bushland where over 970 native plant species reside. These species represent approximately one-third of the entire Victorian flora. Plus, as noted, many of these plants are only found in Australia.

Some of the spring flowers in the park include lilies, parrot-peas and tryptamine. The area is home to around 80 orchid species. This kind of biodiversity is due, in large part, to the various rock and soil types in the national park. The variety of vegetation in the park provides food and shelter, as well, for as many as 230 species of birds. The shrubby woodland supports the nectar-feeding habits of birds, and the tall open woods are homes to species that live in area hollows, such as the Australian owl. You simply won’t find a similar place anywhere in the world.


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What You Can Expect In Holland

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Trusted Escort Agency In New York

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A perfect day in Boston

Bostonians like their freedom. The city’s rebellious reputation dates back to the days of its founding by a group of religious freethinkers fleeing the dictates of the English crown. A century or so later, the same flicker of freewill sparked the War for Independence and fired up a new nation. Nowadays, this nonconformist spirit manifests itself as an unwillingness to follow traffic regulations. Rule number one for the perfect day in Boston: don’t even think about driving a car around here.



Rent a bicycle from Urban Adventours and join the cavalcade of commuters cycling along the Charles River.  Cruise east along the Esplanade, a green masterpiece designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. On warm days, Bostonians migrate to this popular park to sunbathe, picnic and feed waterfowl. Take a break at the Longfellow Bridge to take in a fantastic view of the Boston skyline.

Cross the river at the Museum of Science and pedal back on the Cambridge side. Here, the campus of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology is recognizable by its classical architecture. Between the Walker Memorial and the Hayden Memorial Library, you can catch a glimpse of Alexander Calder’s impressive sculpture La Grande Voile.


Continuing west along the river, you will reach the campus of Harvard University, apparent from the many spires and steeples on the horizon. Lock up your bike so you can browse the bookshops and boutiques of bohemian Harvard Square. While you’re here, take a tour of the historic university campus: try the unofficial `Hahvahd’ Tour for laughs.

12 noon

All that time on your bike has made you hungry. Have lunch at Clover Food Lab (, a modern fast food joint that serves amazing, fresh, local, often organic vegetarian fare. Go for a chick pea fritter and rosemary French fries, finished off with a hibiscus iced tea, and you won’t be disappointed.



Make your way back into the city centre (if you are too tired to ride, you can take your bike on the subway, known as the ‘T’). You’ll spend the afternoon following the Freedom Trail – a great introduction to revolutionary Boston.

The red-brick path starts at the Boston Common and winds its way past 16 sites that earned this town its status as the birthplace of America. Stroll along the 2.5-mile trail, which follows the course of the conflict: from the Old State House, where Redcoats killed five men during the so-called Boston Massacre; to the Old North Church, where the sexton hung two lanterns to warn that British troops would come by sea. The Freedom Trail ends at Bunker Hill, a monument to the eponymous battle.


Retrace your steps back across the Charlestown Bridge and into the North End, an Old World enclave that has hardly changed in the last century. Italian immigrants and their descendants have held court in this warren of narrow, winding streets since the 1920s. That makes it a perfect choice for dinner. Snag one of a dozen candlelit tables at Pomodoro and feast on fried calamari and seafood fra diavolo (with spicy tomato sauce). For dessert, enjoy a cannoli and a cappuccino at Caffé Vittoria.  é

Late night


Walk or taxi back downtown for after-dinner drinks at the Highball Lounge (, Boston’s coolest, quirkiest retro bar. Pick up one of the red plastic View-Masters to browse the menu of creative cocktails, some of which are garnished with rubber duckies. Munch on tater tot nachos and challenge your companions to a game of Jenga. It’s sure to make you feel like a kid again (but even better, since there’s alcohol).

The towns where travellers lose track of time

It was only supposed to be a couple of days; time enough to check out the temple you’d read about, pick up some bargains in the market, and mosey round the town before you head off to the next stop on your travels.

Yet somehow it’s a week later and not only are you still there, but you can’t see yourself leaving anytime soon. You have a favourite bar where the staff greet you like an old friend, and the receptionist in your guesthouse has a look of weary bemusement at your daily request to stay for just one more night.

You’re not alone: whether it’s a fortnight’s holiday or a year-long adventure, many travellers on a multi-destination trip find themselves spending longer than intended in one place. Here are our picks of some of the top spots in which to lose track of time, plus the reasons why they’re so damn hard to leave.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia – too serene

Ubud is the perfect place for weary travellers to restore their mental and physical wellbeing. With ornate Hindu temples, colourful offerings and flowering trees on every street, the town has retained a spiritual and tranquil atmosphere despite its popularity. Fantastic spas offering affordable treatments are plentiful, making it a good spot for recovering after partying in some of Bali’s lively beach resorts.

What to see and do

The Pura Taman Saraswati temple, set behind a pond crowded with lotus blossom, makes the perfect backdrop to catch a traditional Balinese dance performance. Take a walk in the Sacred Forest Monkey Sanctuary but be warned, if you’re carrying any food your serenity won’t last long with those cheeky primates around.

Antigua, Guatemala – too much to learn

Heading to Antigua to brush up on your Spanish or take your first steps in learning the language? Then prepare to be amazed, not just by the town’s renowned Spanish schools but also the cultural richness crammed into its colourful and characterful streets. Packed with religious sights, museums and galleries, Antigua’s historical significance has earned it Unesco World Heritage Site status. If that wasn’t enough then Antigua’s colonial beauty and captivating setting will soon have you under its spell.

What to see and do

There are dozens of Spanish schools to choose from, the oldest of which is Proyecto Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín. Pay a visit to the sunshine yellow church of La Merced and the abandoned Convent of Las Capuchinas.

San Sebastian, Spain – too tasty

While many of us have sampled the delights of a pub crawl or two in our time, eating at multiple venues in one evening is a more unusual concept; a trip to San Sebastian, however, will make it seem like the best way to eat on the planet. The region is famous with foodies for its pintxos; delicious, snack-size delights often enjoyed with a regional wine, such as rioja or txakoli.  Pintxos bars are typically small and bustling, with a steady flow of punters having a quick bite before heading to the next venue. Travellers will find the lively atmosphere just as addictive as the food itself.

What to see and do

Lazy days can be spent on the city’s two superb beaches, family-friendly Playa de la Concha and surfer’s favourite Playa de Gros, before evenings in foodie heaven. Borda Berri and Bar Goiz Argi are just two of the many pintxos bars worth checking out.

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – too much to see

From vast salt pans to giant sand dunes, and spouting geysers to snow-capped mountains, the diverse and spectacular scenery around San Pedro de Atacama will wow even the most seasoned of travellers. The surrounding Atacama Desert is such an inhospitable environment that many travellers won’t have anticipated just how much there is to see and do around San Pedro, but once they find out they’ll be in no rush to leave.

What to see and do

Watching the sunset at the Valley of the Moon as it sets the neighbouring Andes ablaze is the town’s most popular activity,and a stargazing tour is a must-do in a place regarded as having the best night sky for astronomy in the world.

Luang Prabang, Laos – too relaxed

After a spell in some of Southeast Asia’s chaotic towns and cities, lovely Luang Prabang offers welcome relief. Leisurely days are spent wandering around temples, cycling the quiet streets, and relaxing in characterful cafés. Opt for a guesthouse with a balcony overlooking the Mekong, kick back in a hammock, and watch the river as it meanders around the town. You’ll be so relaxed you’ll barely notice as the days turn into weeks.

What to see and do

Check out the town’s star attraction, the picture-perfect monastery complex of Wat Xieng Thong, and be sure to catch the night market, a delightfully calm place to buy some local goods.

Brighton, England – too eclectic

Traditional, family-friendly British seaside resort or fun and edgy party paradise? Brighton has many faces and you’ll end up keen to see them all. This is a town for fish and chips and walks on the beach, for vintage shopping in North Laine, hedonistic nights in lively bars and vibrant exhibitions, shows and festivals, including one of the best Pride events in the world. Whatever your flavour, you’ll find it in Brighton.

What to see and do

The Royal Pavilion should be top of your list – with its unique mix of regency glamour and Far East style, it is the perfect reflection of eclectic Brighton. The independent shops and boutiques of The Lanes ( are also well worth a look.

Queenstown, New Zealand – too much fun

There are few countries on earth which embrace outdoor adventure like New Zealand and nowhere epitomises its thrill-seeking spirit more than Queenstown. Where others see merely picturesque scenery, a Queenstowner sees a natural playground. Rivers are for jet boating down at high speed; hills are for leaping from with a parachute strapped to your back; bridges are merely platforms to bungee jump off. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down either. With more bars per capita than anywhere else in the country you’ll soon discover why Queenstown’s nightlife is legendary.

What to see and do

Kawarau Bridge Bungy is the original, whilst Nevis Bungy boasts one of the highest jumps in the world at a whopping 134 metres. Ride the Skyline Gondola to Bob’s Peak and luge your way down, take a spin on a jet boat on the Shotover river or try white water sledding.