I Chose to Go on the Vacation of a Lifetime

I love the country life in a big way. And I really wanted to take some time to visit the southern part of the country. I got just the chance to do that over the past couple of months, and every moment of my trip was worth it. My last leg of the trip is coming up, and after looking through the hotels in Cullman Alabama a few days ago, I booked my last hotel room of my trip.

Just like anyone else, I really didn’t get all that much vacation time at my last time. I get the average two weeks out of every year, but when I run out of sick time, I have often needed to dip into my vacation time to get myself better. I had been thinking about switching jobs for awhile, and then it donned on me that I could make my own vacation time in between jobs. Meaning, after leaving the one job, I did not have to rush to start working at another one afterward. I could easily take some time off after putting my notice in, and then going on an extended vacation. I could then throw myself into looking for a new job after it was over.

I carefully planned out a road trip that lasted two months. I have enough money saved for a rainy day that this amount of time off was no problem at all. I drove through Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. The latter has been my favorite part of the trip. The food has been fantastic. I love all the lust green trees. And I could listen to the accents you hear there all day long. My last few days will be spent in Cullman, and I plan to have a great time before I have to head back home.